Auman TX

World-class truck from Foton Cummins


Auman TX relies on the power and reliability of a Cummins engine and Mercedes-Benz chassis. While it has been engineered to resist extreme temperatures and operate in hostile environments, the strong chassis and corrosion-resistant parts keep maintenance costs to a bare minimum. The design and technology of the vehicle have been created to minimize fuel consumption.

The European-style cabin, the sedan-style interior, the luxury sleepers, the comfortable seating, the noise and heat reduction systems and the WEVB system all provide the driver with comfortable and safe working conditions.
In order to meet a wide range of operational needs, the Auman TX is available in more than 120 versions, including tractor truck, platform truck, dump truck and more.


  • Sedan-style interior
  • High ceiling, large double-deck sleeper
  • Broad windshield for excellent operational performance and comfort
  • Comfortable mobile seat with adjustable steering
  • Excellent sound and heat insulation
  • Use of damping materials such as fiberglass and polyurethane foam to keep noise levels low
  • Muffler composed of top quality aluminized plate material; has increased durability and rustproof life of 10 years
  • Cab doors open up to a 90° angle
  • Multi-position foldable foot board
  • Front panel of the cab can be flipped up for easier parts servicing


  • Cummins and Weichai engines deliver up to 430 PS
  • Displacement from 8.9 to 11.5L
  • Torque up to 2010 N.m
  • Can meet Euro IV emission standards
  • Wide choice of engines with broad HP coverage
  • Fast acceleration
  • Excellent gradeability
  • Driving at 1900rpm increases torque by 10-20% and reduces fuel consumption up to 5%


  • Wide choice for the wheel base (mm): from 3400 to 6000mm 
  • Utilizes Mercedes-Benz technology for the chassis to increase transmission efficiency by 15% and reduce fuel consumption by up to 8% 
  • 13T double hub reduction axle 
  • Stamped, welded and cast axle allows for up to 20% more carrying capacity than conventional heavy-duty trucks 
  • High carrying capacity without frame deformation – the frame is shaped by a one-time stamping process using high strength steel alloys with its inside and outside beams closely fitted


  • Synchromesh transmission 
  • Unitized design of main and auxiliary transmissions 
  • Twin countershaft construction 
  • Increased transmission efficiency 
  • Light and smart gear


  • Cab conforms to ECE standards 
  • Four point full-floating cab 
  • High-resistance steel plates with excellent energy absorbing and buffering capabilities 
  • The widened frame and antiroll bar which increases diameter improves rollover resistance by 30% 
  • Broad windshield and rearview mirrors increase the driver’s visibility in all directions, reducing blind spots 
  • Airbag


  • Patented WEVB exhaust valve brake technology reduces brake drum failure due to overheating when traveling downhill 
  • Braking efficiency increased by over 50% 
  • Reduced brake maintenance


  • Streamlined body with low wind resistance reduces fuel consumption 
  • Strong sealing performance 
  • Double-layer weather strip for the doors 
  • Tilt angle of up to 59° for the hydraulic tilt cab 
  • Rack safety locking mechanism

Total weight
43-75 tons

Wheel bases
3300+1350mm, 3600mm

Weichai 290-420ps,
Cummins 340-420ps

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