Auman TL

World-class truck from Foton Cummins


The Auman TL series relies on the power and reliability of Cummins engines and Mercedes-Benz chassis. The Auman TL has been engineered to resist extreme temperatures and operate in hostile environments and the strong chassis and corrosion-resistant parts keep maintenance costs to a minimum. The design and technology of the vehicle have been created to minimize fuel consumption. Auman TL features reinforced European-style cabin, a sedan-style interior, luxury sleepers, comfortable seating, noise and heat reduction systems, and a WEVB system. These all provide comfortable and safe working conditions for the operator. In order to meet a wide range of operational needs, the Auman TL is available in more than 120 model types, including tractor truck, platform truck, dump truck, and more.

Comfort Broad driving space,sedan interior as well as double-deck and spacious sleeper are more personalized. The four-point air suspension system for cab adopts ergonomic design with adjustable air shock absorber seats, adjustable steering wheel, three step ladder and extended handrail design in line with European regulations meeting the need of users in different countries. The CAN bus system realizes the intelligent control to electric doors and windows, central locking and auto cruise, and increases intelligence and convenience of driving.

Safety The framed body and doors, as well as front lower, side and rear under-run protection devices have met the requirements of ECE R93 European Regulations. The entire vehicle has passed the safety certification by Rhine TUV. The equipped ABS+ASR, 22.5-inch disc brakes and trailer hand brake valve ensure safe and effective braking. The adoption of the exhaust brake, Jacobs auxiliary braking and hydraulic retarder can improve the braking safety when driving down a long slope. Both front and rear side mirrors can keep off blind spot and achieve a wider field of vision. The seat with integrated three-point seat belt can ensure you a safe and comfortable riding.

Energy Efficiency The body by wind tunnel test uses aerodynamic design with adjustable fairwater, ensuring lower wind resistance. The transmission system optimized by AVL cruise can reach the most economical and powerful state in a commom working condition with perfect match among engine, transmission case and drive axle. Cummins M series engines with optimized performance, efficient and energy saving. The power range of ISMe series 11L engine is 345-440PS. The engine is of low speed and high torque, ensuring fast starting and strong climbing ability. The high pressure EFI system can achieve in-cylinder high pressure diesel atomization and accurate injection, which can ensure full combustion and good economy.

High Quality R&D standards: Based on the standards of European heavy truck, we have integrated more than 300 professionals of the global R&D team of Foton Motor, made cumulative R&D investment of 1.7 billion Yuan and have been awarded 13 patents over the past four years. Supply chain standard: Foton integrate the world’s leading suppliers such as Mercedes-Benz drive axle, Cummins engine, transmission case of Eaton and Fast, brake components of Knorr-Bremse and WABCO, Valeo clutch, ZF steering gear and Sachs absorber to provide reliable and quality components; We have established a sound management of product R&D and the entire process of production so as to set up a 100% integrated management platform of suppliers.

Total weight
45-85 tons

Wheel bases
3300+1350mm, 3600mm

Cummins 385-420ps, Weichai 375ps

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