About Us


Our Company

We are the commercial and industrial solution provider based in Sabah, Malaysia. In year 1981, TCIE Sabah learned that the businesses across the market require a different kind of commercial and industrial solution provider. Since then, we have collaborated with the world's leading global brands (UD Trucks, Foton, Makita and NGK) to fulfill the market needs.

Our Mission

From our beginnings as a industrial equipment distributor to one of the major players in the industry, we have tried to stand firm with our vision-to be the best-in-class commercial and industrial solution provider in the coverage from automotive to industrial sectors and deliver exceptional experience to our clients.

Our Core Values

  • Partnerships

    Everyone we work with, we consider a partner. We strive to become your partner, not merely a B2B relationship, because we are at our best when we work with you, and not for you. With out approach with any of our partners, whether you are a SME or a large scale fleet operation, we will strive to create a win-win situation.
  • Systematic

    Every step we take to approach our potential partner, from first handshake to delivering our commitment, it has to be based on our proven methodology. Systematic approach with a zero tolerance attitude towards negligence and absence of information fall in between. All that really means is that we take your business seriously and we highly value our time and yours.
  • Productivity

    With our year of on-the-field experience dealing with complex and highly technical industries, we are well-equipped to come up with a proper strategy and solution for any given automotive or industrial-related problems. We will help you to make the right decisions by educating you on all the available options out there so you know exactly what you are getting.
  • Disciplined Focus Approach

    Disciplined Focus Approach is what drives us to produce high quality work. We value staying focused with the solutions we provide to our partners, just as much as we value our team staying focused towards our ultimate mission. Attitude of "doing everything" is strictly restricted. We take one step at a time, and make every step count.

Our Services